Title Inflation

I heard an interview this morning on The Current, and the guest (whose name I didn’t catch) spoke about VVIPs. Yikes! I had never heard this usage before, and I fear I am frightfully behind the times. I had better get up to speed before VVVIP becomes common. And how long can it be before we begin hearing “VIP Mark IV,” “Quatro-VIP,” and the like?

But what concerns me most is the feelings of those poor VIPs who are now suddenly second-class; what a savage blow to their fragile self-esteem this must be. And of course there will be infighting among the VVIPs to be upgraded to VVVIP.

This reminds me of the day way back in high school (the early 1970s) when one of our classmates came to school adorned with two small, parallel cuts on his face. The poor fellow was immediately the target of the usual verbal abuse practiced by young male fools: “Hey Roman, are you using a twin-blade razor??”

It’s taken us only a generation to get to the Schick Quattro. How long will it take to get to the PentaBlade?

Update: OK, I’m definitely behind the times: The Gillette Fusion has five blades. FIVE! One must keep up with the arms race in the war on facial hair.

(This post first appeared at my other (now deleted) blog, and was transferred to this blog on 25 January 2021.)