American Teacher, reviewed by Brian Jones

There is a review of the documentary movie American Teacher by Brian Jones, over at Susan Ohanian’s site. The review is here. Some representative quotes from the review: The American Teacher filmmakers show us a teacher in Texas, Erik Benner, who is doing his best to inspire his students, to bring history to life and … Read more

Reviews of “Proofiness,” by Charles Seife

I recently finished reading Proofiness, written by Charles Seife, science writer and journalism professor at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University, and it’s excellent. There are a number of glowing reviews out there (see Stephen Strogatz in the New York Times, John Allen Paulos in the Washington Post, Alexandra Witze in … Read more

Using Failure As A Friendly Tool For Learning

Current grading policies at most schools are intended to measure learning, but they are counterproductive in that they actually inhibit learning. Taking a typical university mathematics course as an example, students might have a handful of assignments, a mid-term test, and a final exam. The number of graded items is small because universities are strapped … Read more