Some testimonials from past students are sprinkled on the pages of this web site, which you’ll recognize because they are in bold italic type and in quotes. Some other testimonials are below. I am very grateful for the kind words of all of these former students.

Testimonial from a former student

“During my first and second years of B.Sc. study at Brock University, I had the pleasure and privilege of having Professor D’Agostino as my professor. He is always enthusiastic about math and passes that enthusiasm on to his students. It was a delight to learn from Dr. Santo, who is a mathematician by nature and an outstanding teacher. By combining his teaching philosophy with critical thinking, he encourages students to develop their mathematical skills, explore new ways to solve problems, and expand their knowledge. He was always available to help and discuss mathematical concepts with me as an undergraduate student. He was and is still a mentor to me, and his influence on me is incalculable. When I come across a difficult math problem, I try to imitate him, follow his footsteps and think critically. Having a professor like him early in my academic career helped me strengthen my foundations for further graduate studies, academic research, and earning master’s and doctoral degrees.”

— Ahmed M. G. Ahmed, Ph.D., M.A. (University of South Florida), M.Sc., B.Sc. (Brock University)

Testimonials from former participants in my high-school enrichment program

“I participated in Dr. D’Agostino’s advanced math enrichment program in 2018 held at Brock University. I very much enjoyed learning from Dr. D’Agostino as he is truly a spectacular teacher and can gracefully articulate the complex intricacies of mathematics. His passion for teaching, and desire to help others learn is truly unmatched. He was able to easily take complex concepts and explain them in a very simple manner; a sign of a true master. His introduction to advanced math concepts before university was truly a blessing and helped immensely in first-year physics, linear algebra, and calculus. I am thankful for my time with him, and I am convinced that many others felt the same way.”

— Robert Carriero, B. Sc. (Toxicology, University of Guelph); graduated from A.N. Myer Secondary School

“During my last two years of high-school I decided I wanted to pursue an engineering degree, but I knew those degrees were notoriously difficult in the first year due to the jump in mathematics and physics. I heard about this program through my physics teacher and decided to give it a shot in order to gain insight into the concepts I might face a few months after graduation. Immediately I was introduced to entirely new concepts that I had not heard about before and was shown the benefits and real-world analysis they could be used for!”

— Teodor Crnobrnja, B. Sc. (Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo); graduated from Westlane Secondary School

“Dr. D’Agostino’s math and physics immersion program when I attended in 2017 and 2018 created an unique environment that allowed me to both gain knowledge about the subjects and develop my academic skills by working alongside motivated peers underneath an amazing teacher. Moving to university level classes is a real challenge that Dr. D’Agostino greatly understands and his lessons will pay dividends throughout your academic career!”

— Fraser Darling, B. Sc. (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Harvard University); graduated from E.L. Crossley Secondary School

“I really do feel that the opportunity I had to partake in your enrichment program in Grade 11 helped prepare me for the transition into my university program. Partaking in the enrichment program was a unique experience. I was provided the opportunity to think critically when faced with challenging mathematics and physics problems at a level beyond what I had been exposed to in a secondary school classroom. Even being in an undergraduate program that is not heavy in mathematics or physics, I feel that I have been able to carry over such high level critical thinking into my own medical sciences program.”

— Tony DiDomenico, B. Sc. (Medical Sciences, Brock University); graduated from St. Paul Catholic High School

“The enrichment program Dr. D’Agostino ran was one of the most significant moments of my high school academics, and I can safely say I would not have the necessary skills and tools to approach many of the problems I face in university without his lessons.”

— Michael Donnison, B. Eng. BME (Electrical and Biomedical Engineering) at McMaster University; graduated from St. Paul Catholic High School

“Dr. D’Agostino’s high-school enrichment program helped me to get a head start and be better prepared for my calculus and linear algebra courses in university. The program created a fantastic learning environment and Dr. D’Agostino’s lessons were interactive and engaging. I still remember how he explained vectors and used the classroom door as a prop to help us visualize the x and y components. I would recommend it to anyone looking to prepare for university math courses.”

— Daniel Genkin, B.A.Sc (Computer Science, McMaster University); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School; founder of DGApps.ca

“Dr. D’Agostino truly has had a profound impact on my success in university level physics and calculus courses through his Physics/Math Immersion Program. His unrelenting dedication to teaching and supporting students is clearly visible to all in the program during each and every session. Dr. D’Agostino explains complex topics in a manner that those who are unfamiliar can still follow along. To say that this program is beneficial would be an understatement as this class serves as the ideal transitional course between high school and university.”

—Ishan Herath, B. Sc. (Biological Sciences and Level 2 MEDPLUS, Brock University); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

“The P.I.E. program was excellent in introducing university calculus and physics concepts that proved to be very helpful in my university career. I learned about all sorts of problems and got clear explanations on how to approach them thanks to Dr. D’Agostino. It was an excellent experience overall!”

— Athena Liu, B.S.E (Software Engineering, University of Waterloo); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

“During high school, I took Dr. D’Agostino’s enrichment program with a few of my friends. All of us were already excelling in our high school math classes, but we were interested in learning more about calculus and its applications within physics. Looking back, I truly believe that taking this class was one of the best decisions I made in high school. Dr. D’Agostino is an outstanding teacher and taking his class was a privilege. Going into university, I already had an intuitive understanding of all of the topics covered in first-year calculus and was consistently ahead in my class. If you are considering taking a course under the instruction of Dr. D’Agostino, I would highly recommend it.”

— Mahmoud (“Greg”) Mahmoudpour, B. Sc. (Medical Sciences, Western University); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

“The Physics Immersion Experience by Dr. D’Agostino was a program I took part in during my senior years of high school to help me prepare for and excel in university, specifically in mathematics & physics. The environment was different from the average classroom and encouraged an inquisitive mindset that inspired a deep appreciation of learning when approaching problems and new topics. Dr. D’Agostino has a burning passion for learning that he loves to share through excellence in his teaching and doing whatever he can to enhance the learning experience of students. I am glad Dr. D’Agostino is continuing to develop his programs and I recommend exploring them no matter what you want to pursue in high school!”

— Abdullh Mohamed, B.Eng.BME (Engineering Physics & Biomedical Engineering, McMaster University); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School 2018

“First year at university is overwhelming, with both the influx of new information and a completely new learning experience compared to high school. In Grade 12, I participated in Dr. D’Agostino’s physics immersion experience where he taught students important physics/math concepts in a non-intimidating way. Taking this extra time before university was extremely helpful in my first year math courses because I didn’t feel like I was starting a few steps behind everyone else. Dr. D’Agostino not only taught mathematical concepts but also learning strategies which I still use four years later. He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend any and all of his enrichment material!”

— Sama Nanayakkara, B.Sc. (Nanotechnology Engineering, University of Waterloo); graduated from Governor Simcoe Secondary School

“I believe this program was perfect as it really was an authentic university learning experience. Learning in a high school classroom is extremely different than a university lecture and I am very glad I was able to realize this before I ever had to step foot in one.”

— Zack Pasma, (Computer Engineering Technician, Niagara College); graduated from E. L. Crossley Secondary School

“Learning with Dr. Santo D’Agostino (I attended the Physics Immersion 2018/2019 class) was an amazing experience that provided me with knowledge in the fields of physics and mathematics that not only resulted in a smoother transition to university but also with skills that I continue to leverage to this day. Throughout the program I was taught some of the more advanced mathematical concepts that you’ll encounter in your first year of university and coming from a high school that lacked education in this area, this exposure had a profound impact on my success in first year at university. In addition to learning concepts that push the boundaries of high school education, Dr. D’Agostino taught us philosophies and problem-solving techniques that I still use on a regular basis with friends and in class.

“Working with Dr. D’Agostino is an investment in yourself that provides lucrative returns and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re interested in pursuing undergraduate programs in mathematics and computer science, physics, or engineering!”

— Brayden Royston, (Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo & Bachelor of Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University, Double Degree); graduated from Westlane Secondary School

“Through the enrichment program run by professor D’Agostino, I learned problem solving skills that came in handy during my first year of university. Thanks to the program, I was able to achieve a cumulative average of 93% in university.”

— Dhruv Shah, B.Sc. (Computer Science and Business Administration (Double Degree),University of Waterloo); graduated from Westlane Secondary School

“Dr. D’Agostino’s high-school enrichment program really helped me excel in my first year of university and beyond. Not only was I able to learn university-level math and physics beforehand, but I was always encouraged to ask questions and the program helped to instill a curiosity and an inquisitiveness that was missing from my day-to-day schoolwork. I was fascinated by the things my peers and I were learning in the program and it made me excited about pursuing a STEM subject in the future. Not to mention, he is a fantastic educator and is incredibly passionate about what he does and cares about each and every one of his students.”

— Nathan Sheogobind, B. Eng. (Mechanical Engineering, McMaster University); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

“I had the opportunity of participating in Dr. D’Agostino’s Physics Immersion program in 2019, the year before I started university. Although my university calculus and physics courses were challenging, it made a huge difference that I could frequently say ‘Yeah, I’ve seen that before.’ Dr. D’Agostino’s teaching is very enlightening and also very encouraging.”

— Elliott Song, B.Sc. (Software Engineering, University of Waterloo); graduated from E.L. Crossley Secondary School

“I took part in the Physics Immersion Experience in 2017, during my Grade 12 year of high school. The program challenged me to think critically, going beyond the expectations of a regular high school curriculum. While the content of the program was especially helpful for the math and physics courses I took during the course of my university degree, the program’s structure equipped me with the discipline and active learning skills necessary for success in many other courses as well. Overall, Dr. D’Agostino’s kind and encouraging teaching style made the Physics Immersion Experience a memorable and educational one!”
— Krithika Srikanth, B.H.Sc. (Health Sciences, McMaster University); graduated from Beamsville District Secondary School

“I was not only part of Dr. D’Agostino’s Physics Immersion program, but also had the pleasure of having him as my physics teacher in my first year of university. I can say with confidence that he is one of the friendliest, most understanding teachers that I’ve ever had. Even with more complex problems or the most trivial of concepts, Dr. D’Agostino is willing to help you through it.

” Dr. D’Agostino’s program was an extremely important step on my journey to post-secondary education. It taught me so much about the advanced mathematical concepts I would later go on to learn more in-depth, and also made everything seem much less intimidating. Having a kind, caring professor like Dr. D’Agostino to talk about these things with made preparing for the transition exponentially easier.

“I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this program, and how much it helped me.”

— Matthew Summerville (Bachelor of Biochemistry, Brock University); graduated from Westlane Secondary School

“I took your enrichment class in 2016/2017, and it definitely helped me prepare for first year math and physics courses; specifically linear algebra. You taught certain topics such as matrices that a lot of high school programs don’t cover that are extremely helpful and used from first year on. At the very least I’d say your lectures made first year math and physics less intimidating which was very beneficial in such a tough adjustment period. Even though I may have forgotten or not understood certain things well, I recognized the topics which was something other students couldn’t say the same about.

“I know I was able to do as well as I did in those courses due to added knowledge from your program! I’m very thankful for the opportunity I had attending your lectures!”

— Alicia Telepanich, M.Sc. (Applied Science in Environmental Engineering, University of Guelph); graduated from Beamsville District Secondary School

“Learning from Dr. D’Agostino’s 2017 and 2018 enrichment programs was an integral part of my education. Not only are the topics challenging and captivating, but the concepts and skills taught have directly benefited my transition to a difficult engineering program at university. Dr. D’Agostino is a great teacher and I would recommend anyone thinking of a post-secondary program in STEM to take the opportunity to learn in his fundamentals of math and physics lessons.”

— Hailin Wang, B. Sc. (Robotics Engineering, University of Toronto); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

“I’m really happy to hear that the program has expanded to help even more high school students! I really enjoyed the way that the content was taught, especially in contrast to how the same material was covered in my first year undergraduate courses. I believe the core concepts and intuition I built through the program continue to help me to this day even in upper year courses such as computer vision, as well as in my current internships.”

— Bob Wei, B. Sc. (Computer Science, University of Waterloo); graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

Testimonials from parents of former participants in my high-school enrichment programs

“Dr. D’Agostino’s classes provided the solid foundation in mathematics and physics that allowed my son to excel in his university engineering courses. We learned about his classes when my son was a Grade 10 student, and he was kind enough to allow him to participate in his classes, even though most of the other students were in Grade 11 and Grade 12. Throughout the subsequent 3 years, Dr. D’Agostino continued to challenge, encourage, and support my son’s efforts, thus enriching his academic life and filling him with the confidence that he could succeed at university. I cannot thank him enough for his thoughtfulness in providing such an advantage to our high school students and for being a superb role model as a teacher.”

— Barbara Ally, Professor of Science, School of Academic and Liberal Studies, Niagara College

“My son Daniel has participated in an enrichment program in sciences for high school students that Dr. Santo D’Agostino was running at Brock University in 2018. This program, and particularly Dr. D’Agostino’s leadership, have helped Daniel to reach ahead, to learn beyond the school curriculum, to develop his skills and knowledge in math and science, and to prepare for transitioning to university and pursuing his academic journey. Thank you Dr. D’Agostino!”

— David Genkin, Manager, Computer Services, Brock University

“Physics and mathematics are requisites for many university programs, generally deemed daunting by many students. As a high school student, our son was part of Dr. D’Agostino’s Physics Immersion Program held at Brock University Campus for several years. The program introduced essential foundational knowledge of both these difficult subjects in a lucid, non-intimidating way without undue pressure through a guided learning environment. Dr. D’Agostino’s novel approach eliminates the fear of complex formulas, motivating individual interest and learning. We believe that our son benefitted immensely from this program taught by Dr. D’Agostino, who is a kind, compassionate and a great teacher. We strongly recommend Dr. D’Agostino’s one of a kind, FoMaP — Fundamentals of Mathematics and Physics — initiative to all students seeking to do well in STEM and Business related undergraduate studies.”

— Drs. Hemantha and Teju Herath, Professors, Faculty of Business, Brock University

“Transition to university is very challenging for high school students, even top students. Professor D’Agostino offered an enrichment program at Brock that facilitated the transition for my daughter, giving me some relief as a parent. I am grateful to Professor D’Agostino for his generous help. I highly recommend the enrichment program to high school students and parents.”

— Dr. Zhefeng Frank Liu, Professor of Accounting, Brock University

Testimonials from former students in my university courses (selections from anonymous end-of-course evaluation forms)

Professor D’Agostino is one of the nicest profs I’ve had. He cares about his students and has a really unique way of teaching … it is more investigative rather than “lecture style”. So helpful and really has a passion for math!

Brilliant and refreshing new style of student-led learning dialogues. I felt like a privileged member of some elite math society meeting to discuss deep mysteries of mathematics.

Amazing prof! Was an enjoyable class. And he was hilarious! Coming into this class I was nervous because I didn’t have a strong background in math. He made it very easy to understand and explained things very well! The best math teacher I’ve had throughout high school, college, and university!

Fantastic teacher. I was surprised when I went to his office and he devoted time daily to help me with problem areas personally. Not many would do so. He is very clear and gives many examples. I would definitely take his courses!

Best professor, knows students’ names, tries to get students involved, makes math fun, enthusiastic, knows the material and even more important HOW to teach.

Thank you Dr. D’Agostino, this class was a joy to be a part of. I liked the format, it forced me to work independently, think hard, and learn more about my problem-solving abilities. I have definitely gained a ton from this class.

I love how you give many examples when explaining concepts and how you go through them step by step. I hope you are my instructor in further courses. Well done!

Professor D’Agostino was the man, period. But please work on the jokes, seriously. Very knowledgeable and at some points just plain amazing. Thanks for your lectures.

One of a select group of profs whose dedication shines through in every lecture, who has that special knack of simple and effective answers to course-related material.

The way he explained the material was amazing. Being a student who had never taken calculus, I was very surprised at how well I understood the material. D’Agostino is amazing. Very clear and concise.

Excellent prof. Very helpful, very knowledgeable. All material thoroughly explained.

He was always happy and excited and always had a smile on his face.

I really liked this class. I thought the prof was friendly and explained everything clearly. If you needed help he was always available.

Great instructor in all math courses I’ve taken … very broad method of teaching, adaptive to all needs of students … willing to take any other courses in future given by this instructor.

SD is hilarious. Best math course ever!

You were by far the most enthusiastic prof I’ve had. A very enjoyable course; the class was fun.

Very available for extra help — thanks!

Amazing prof! Makes math exciting while sticking to subject matter.

D’Agostino has been one of the best professors I have had so far.

I like that the prof took time to learn students’ names; he was very enthusiastic and helpful.

D’Agostino is an awesome professor … very helpful, very enthusiastic about the course. I always looked forward to the class!

One of the best professors at []. He is not just a good teacher, but a really good human. He did his best to make this course as beneficial as possible for us.

Excellent teacher, knows what he is talking about, always willing to help.

You made a 9 am class fun and worthwhile, thank you. Your teaching style is excellent, and I hope I have another course with you.

Professor D’Agostino was very approachable and always offered help. He was very eager to help and answer any questions. Also, he made the subject material interesting as well as easy to understand. Good job!

Please teach my other courses!

One of, if not the best prof I have had at []. Very knowledgeable and made the class interesting and fun … very understanding of students.

Keep working on the humour/jokes!

Infinity jokes were the best.

D’Agostino is an amazing professor who is able to relate his knowledge clearly to students in a manner which is very understandable. Great semester!

He was incredibly energetic and helpful when emailed or sought out and included humour in all classes.

D’Agostino is the man! He is by far the best professor I have had to date. I love his enthusiasm for math and it definitely makes class fun to attend.

D’Agostino rocks!

D’Agostino was extremely helpful!

I thought Professor D’Agostino’s teaching was excellent. He was always excited about teaching. He was especially helpful outside of class in making sure we left his office knowing what we came to know. He also showed he cared by learning names. I would take a course from him again.

Best math teacher I have had since elementary school! Great work!

I love POETRY DAY. Don’t ever get rid of that feature. Thanks for the help.

Poetry day! My favourite.

It was obvious to me that D’Agostino cares about the course and students. He was always willing to offer help and had plenty of office hours. It was a pleasure to be taught by him. He was so enthusiastic about math that we have weekly calculus parties in honour of him.

I wish all my profs were as good at communicating the subject matter this clearly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it challenging and rather than deter me from developing a stronger interest in calculus, it has made me even more interested. Professor D’Agostino makes you WANT to understand the material, and his enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. Every lecture, he comes in with a smile, and he is incredibly ENCOURAGING. Thank you for an excellent calculus experience!! PS. I also quite enjoyed Friday mornings, simply for the quote at the beginning of lecture. English and math should not be segregated from one another!!!

You have a great gift for making math interesting. Thanks for a great course.

Loved the course, loved the prof even more!

D’Agostino is the BEST math prof by far … out of all my 5 years in math!

Great instructor. Always answered every question and encouraged them.

D’Agostino did a great job of explaining the ideas of the course in a way that it was easy to understand. Very matter-of-fact while being informative and fun (not an easy thing to do).

I think D’Agostino is amazing. Math can be a very difficult subject, but he really explained all concepts very well and ensured that everyone understood. He is definitely the best prof that I have ever had and I really hope to have him again.

D’Agostino is the best math prof I have yet to have!

Honestly you are the best prof at []. The way you treat the students is excellent. Keep up the good work.

I could tell he was passionate about his job and enjoyed helping students. He made the class a happy environment and gave students encouragement.

I was scared to take this class but you made it enjoyable and the breakdown of course material took away the scare factor.

Great instructor who left me eager to learn more.

One of the best teachers I have had. Wish you taught next semester’s course too. Never liked math much but I liked coming to this class.

I enjoyed the class and his enthusiasm. For an 8 am class (especially math) he did a great job of TEACHING rather than professing the course. He made this a personal interest rather than a job, which I really respect as most professors have no love for their course or teaching it. It was a pleasure being enrolled in his course despite my dislike for stats and my horrible math skills.

D’Agostino is awesome. He encouraged us to ask questions and he was always smiling. By far one of my favourite professors.

Every other day I look forward to this class because D’Agostino is interesting, funny and you can tell that he likes the course. When I was in high school I hated data management, but in university I loved it thanks to D’Agostino and his way of teaching.

Compared to all of my other classes, I understood the lectures that were taught by Prof. Santo. His method of working in class was something that I followed and I am doing reasonably well in this course. I would really like to take another class from him.

Professor D’Agostino is an excellent prof. He is enthusiastic and tries to encourage his students to do well. I have enjoyed the course.

The professor did an excellent job of going through a variety of examples. I really liked that he always stopped to see if anyone had questions. I think that is very important. Thanks for a great first semester.

Very enthusiastic about your job made it more interesting to sit through lecture. You are a very positive and nice man.

Enthusiasm of instructor created an enjoyable learning atmosphere. Material was presented clearly and applications were given to take away ‘dryness’ of the material. Another outstanding performance by Santo!!

Prof D’Agostino was an excellent prof. I really enjoyed going to each class. He made learning easy and exciting. Went out of his way to help.

I would have to say that Prof. Santo D’Agostino is one of the best profs that I had in my years here at []. He has a good knowledge of the subject and has a good way of sharing it with the students. He was very enthusiastic about the course which made us learn more and pay more attention. I rate this prof as excellent and wish there was a possibility to have him teach me another math course.

Very enthusiastic. Gave in depth responses to enquiries. Encouraged students to investigate their ideas and was always able to help point students in the right direction.

Very well organized and a pleasure to be instructed by.

After being away from university calculus for 15 years, I could not have asked for a better instructor! Excellent, excellent instructor, Santo D’Agostino.

Mr. D’Agostino was one of the best professors I’ve had. He is always prepared to fully explain the material and has covered the material with grace.

Very helpful when approached with a problem. Talks to the students, not down to them.

The best teacher I ever had in the past 4 years at [].

He was always informative, clear, precise and willing to help out.

Very good at what he does. Kind and never gets mad.

Mr. D’Agostino is an excellent teacher. He explains the work effectively and presents new ideas in such a way that they make sense. Excellent course.

Mr. D’Agostino makes every effort to address relevant problems as they arise in class.

I’ve taken this course before last semester and failed. This time around I have 80%. He has patience, which the other prof didn’t. He is the reason for my high grade.

“xcellent class. Very enjoyable. I came away with a greater understanding and renewed interest and enthusiasm for physics. Thank you.

I was never really interested in physics but D’Agostino did an AMAZING job teaching and I actually understand things now! Thank you!

Professor D’Agostino was always encouraging further learning and always made sure that everyone in the class could keep up with the pace of the course, as well as understand all the material. He made the early mornings more bearable!

Awesome professor 🙂 . I have finally understood physics for once. The lectures were so dynamic and interesting, despite the fact that it was an 8:00 am class.

D’Agostino is an awesome teacher!!!

Posted notes were really helpful!! First time I’ve ever done well in physics … thanks!

Dr. D’Agostino has done more than an excellent job in teaching physics. His teaching style is very unique in that rather than telling us what physics is, he allows us to think about it and reason in our minds many theories that we come across (before he lays them out to the students). This way of learning stays in your mind. I enjoyed this class very much.

It was a pleasure to have you as a professor this year. The course material was well taught, and explained clearly. It was refreshing to have a prof that taught concepts that we could apply to real world situations. You were an excellent professor. Thank you.

I like the attitude of Dr. D’Agostino every day. He makes the class very entertaining and I really feel that I have learned. I appreciate the way he teaches because he makes things easier for me to understand. When I had questions he always helped me. He always has a smile on his face which makes me feel that he loves what he does.

Professor D’Agostino deserves the distinguished teachers award! He brought excitement and interest to physics at 8 am! His videos were a great ice-breaker for the early mornings. He was always available for extra help and promoted asking him questions both during and after class. I really enjoyed this class and would love to have Professor D’Agostino again!

“D’Agostino is a great teacher, his enthusiasm encourages students to pay closer attention. If I further my studies in physics, I would prefer D’Agostino as my professor.”

D’Agostino was welcoming and easily contacted.

This was my second time in this course, D’Agostino made it much clearer and more enjoyable course. I wish I had him the first time!

Dr. D’Agostino is an awesome prof — he is extremely smart + passionate about physics he clearly explains material and gives great examples!

Prof was absolutely outstanding. For someone who had never taken physics, I found him to be patient, funny and he kept my attention for the entire three hours. Thanks for a great semester!

Amazing prof. Simplified all of the material and made me enjoy physics. I’ve never taken physics before and he made it easy! I wish I could take more classes with this prof.

Appreciated your enthusiasm! Very thorough.

Dr. D’Agostino is an amazing prof!! [] is so fortunate to have him, and the students are even more fortunate to have him as a prof. He is approachable, always eager to help the students, passionate about physics, I could go on and on, but no room! I simply have so much respect for this man. He’s truly wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Wish I could have him for all my courses.

Amazing prof, wish he was a BIO professor.

Dr. D is an outstanding teacher, his teaching method was very visual with many diagrams + helpful anecdotes. As a biology major I was very overwhelmed with starting this class but he helped in so many ways. Amazing teacher.

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