“Professor D’Agostino is one of the nicest profs I’ve had. He cares about his students and has a really unique way of teaching … it is more investigative rather than “lecture style”. So helpful and really has a passion for math!”

FoMaP exists to help students learn about mathematics and science, how mathematics and science can inform our view of the world and help us understand it better, and to help prepare students for success in college/university programs that require mathematics and science. Many higher education programs require some mathematics, and unfortunately many students graduate from high school with poor preparation, both in mathematics and in study skills/habits.

Knowing about students who drop out of programs in business, economics, social sciences, and sciences because of their poor mathematics skills troubles me, and has encouraged me to develop this site. Students shouldn’t have to give up on their dreams because poor preparation in mathematics is holding them back.

If you wish to maximize your success in higher education, start now and make sure that your preparation in mathematics is superb.

FoMaP provides students with:

  • Rapid, thoughtful, insightful, detailed, and accurate responses to specific questions about mathematics and science for students in our courses.
  • Specific guidance on what to study and how to study it.
  • Strategies for success in higher education, and strategies for building a strong foundation for success while your child is in high school.
  • Individual programs are available to help struggling students get back on track, to help all students consolidate their skills and knowledge to prepare for college/university, and to help excellent (and/or bored) students get a head start into enriched, higher-level material.
  • Articles and blog posts on mathematics, science, and their connection to daily life.
  • A comprehensive textbook on mathematics, starting from basics and proceeding into university-level material (under development), written in a straight-forward, jargon-free style that you and your children will be able to understand.
  • Tutorial webinars, where Dr. D’Agostino provides detailed, step-by-step solutions of example problems in a variety of topics (coming soon!).

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