Santo D’Agostino

I am Dr. Santo D’Agostino. I studied mathematics and physics at Queen’s University at Kingston, earning B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees, and I earned a Ph. D. in mathematical physics from the University of Toronto.

I have taught mathematics and physics (beginning in 1985) at a high school, at a community college, at Ryerson Polytechnic University, at the University of Waterloo, and most recently at Brock University, first in the Mathematics Department and subsequently in the Physics Department.

I received the Brock University Faculty of Mathematics and Science Award for Teaching Excellence in 2015. I also have extensive experience working with students one-on-one, as a tutor and teaching assistant when I was a student, as a teacher, and while managing a university mathematics help centre. I co-founded and was co-leader of a mathematics enrichment program for high school mathematics students for several years, and also delivered enrichment sessions for elementary students, high school students, and university students.

I founded and lead the Physics Immersion Experience, a mathematics/physics enrichment program for high-school students, from 2016 to 2019; the 2020 version was pre-empted by the COVID health emergency, and in 2021 the enrichment program has morphed into FoMaP. Since 1986, I have also worked on mathematics and science textbooks for many of the major text-book publishers as a writer-editor.

In short, I have devoted my entire career to mathematics and science education, in diverse ways, so I know mathematics and science education from all angles. I am dedicated to explaining mathematics and physics as clearly and meaningfully as possible, and to show how deepening our knowledge of mathematics and physics can help us better appreciate our beautiful world.

I was born and grew up in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario, Canada, and I am very happy to be living here with my family again after being away for many years.

Some testimonials from past students are sprinkled on the pages of this web site, which you’ll recognize because they are in bold italic type and in quotes, including this one:

“Brilliant and refreshing new style of student-led learning dialogues. I felt like a privileged member of some elite math society meeting to discuss deep mysteries of mathematics.”

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